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Stockholm Water Front No. 3 2007

Over 2500 participants from 113 countries gathered in the Swedish Capital for the 2007 World Water Week in Stockholm to… View more


MENA Water Overview: Transboundary Cooperation, IWRM and Opportunities for Swedish Engagement

The challenges facing those involved in the water sector throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) cannot be over-emphasised.… View more


Transboundary Water Management as a Regional Public Good

Investment in water resources management in the Nile Basin provides significant benefits for human and economic development. But the public… View more

Vattenresurserna en källa till konflikt?

Vattenfrågan i Mellanöstern är en av de så kallade slutstatusfrågor som skall förhandlas om mellan Israel och Palestinierna. Utsikterna för… View more


2006 Synthesis Report: Beyond the River – Sharing Benefits and Responsibilities

Because water is unevenly available around the world, and benefit sharing is one possible way to even out this physical… View more

2006 Abstract Volume

This is the 2006 Abstract Volume, presenting the ten workshops. Some of the workshop themes are: Tools for Benefit Sharing… View more