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Slash and Learn

Dr. Aracely Castro of the International Centre of Tropical Agriculture presents a new model of agricultural management that makes life… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 3-4 2008

Expanding water pollution, depleted river streamflow, overdrawn groundwater, water usability threatened by salinisation, and water for ecosystems is sinking below… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2005

Since the 2nd World Water Forum in The Hague in 2000, water professionals have been working to develop a land/water… View more

Balancing Human Security and Ecological Interests in a Catchment

This report summarises the outcome of the SIWI seminar on how to balance human livelihood security and ecological security, paying… View more

Water – A Reflection of Land Use

The purpose of this book is to help politicians understand water -- the bloodstream of the biosphere and a necessity… View more

1997 Proceedings: With Rivers to the Sea: Interaction of Land Activities, Fresh Water and Enclosed Coastal Seas

The 1997 Stockholm Water Symposium focused at the strong interaction between land-use and coastal ecosystem health as mediated by the… View more