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Landmark day for the UN Watercourses Convention

Last week on 19th of May 2014, Viet Nam became the 35th contracting state to the Convention on the Law… View more

Water Governance and Management Challenges in the Continuum from Land to the Coastal Sea – Spatial Planning as a Management Tool

Spatial planning, both on land and at sea, offers strong mechanisms to integrate water considerations early on during cross-sector policy… View more

A talking revolution: Water governance dialogues in Kenya

Stockholm Water Front Article, No. 2 2014 A talking revolution: Water governance dialogues in Kenya by Maya Rebermark. A pilot… View more

Ms. Louise Heegaard

Position at SIWI: Fundraiser Specialist Email: louise.heegaard@siwi.org Phone: +46 8 121 360 46 Responsibilities Ms. Louise Heegaard, Fundraising Specialist, is… View more


SIWI to host the first UNESCO Centre in Sweden

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, has decided to establish a research centre in Sweden with a focus… View more


Water Integrity Network Association founded

The new Water Integrity Network Association, striving to curb corruption and ensure equitable use of water resources, was initiated in… View more


New thematic video: introducing water governance

In this video, Dr. Håkan Tropp presents the water governance thematic area of SIWI. What does the concept water governance… View more