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Water Harvesting for Upgrading of Rainfed Agriculture: Problem Analysis and Research Needs

Water harvesting has great potential to improve on-farm crop yields and food security for farmers in dry regions. This report… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2000

Dialogue and compromise building between different interest groups were key themes during the Stockholm Water Symposium’s workshops, which are also… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 3 2000

The main content of this issue of Water Front, and the overall conclusions of the 2000 Stockholm Water Symposium, is… View more


No Freshwater Security without Major Shift in Thinking

The major constraints to stable, long-term water resources management is not the lack of knowledge, but rather transfer of that… View more

Water and Development in Developing Countries

This report offered the European Parliament background information and recommendations for formulating long term strategies and short term policies to… View more

Water Security for the 21st Century – Roles, Responsibilities and Opportunities for Industry

The 2000 Founders Seminar focused on how different branches of industry can contribute to avoid undermining and create sustainability in… View more


From the Baltic Sea to Lake Victoria

This paper was conducted due to the visit of the high-level East African delegation in the Baltic Sea region. The… View more


Stockholm Water Front No.1 1999

This issue of Stockholm Water Front contains a number of interesting articles about the importance of women in the water… View more

Water – A Reflection of Land Use

The purpose of this book is to help politicians understand water -- the bloodstream of the biosphere and a necessity… View more

1997 Proceedings: With Rivers to the Sea: Interaction of Land Activities, Fresh Water and Enclosed Coastal Seas

The 1997 Stockholm Water Symposium focused at the strong interaction between land-use and coastal ecosystem health as mediated by the… View more