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Stockholm Water Front No.1 1999

This issue of Stockholm Water Front contains a number of interesting articles about the importance of women in the water… View more

Water – A Reflection of Land Use

The purpose of this book is to help politicians understand water -- the bloodstream of the biosphere and a necessity… View more

1997 Proceedings: With Rivers to the Sea: Interaction of Land Activities, Fresh Water and Enclosed Coastal Seas

The 1997 Stockholm Water Symposium focused at the strong interaction between land-use and coastal ecosystem health as mediated by the… View more

1996 Proceedings: Safeguarding Water Resources for Tomorrow: New Solutions to Old Problems

The 1996 Stockholm Water Symposium put focus on the need to go from fragmented single issue approaches to a more… View more

1994 Proceedings: Integrated Land and Water Management: Challenges and New Opportunities

The 1994 Symposium were focusing on a set of water sector barriers. The Symposium in particular stressed the close relation… View more

1993 Proceedings: Integrated Measures to Overcome Barriers to Minimising Harmful Fluxes from Land to Water

The 1993 Stockholm Water Symposium addressed a subset of barriers and how they might best be overcome: lack of credible… View more

1992 Proceedings: A Holistic Approach to Water Quality Management: Finding Life-Styles and Measures for Minimising Harmful Fluxes from Land to Water

The 1992 Stockholm Water Symposium analysed the water pollution situation in different world regions, and identified key measures in seeking… View more

1991 Proceedings: Water Resources in the Next Century

The first Stockholm water Symposium in 1991 identified two main global water problems: water as a major constraint to socio-economic… View more

Linking Poverty Reduction and Water Management

This Policy Brief has analysed the potential role of water management in poverty reduction and to identify actions through which… View more