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Peace conference

SIWI at global peace conference in Uppsala

On December 12, SIWI's Håkan Tropp will hold a presentation about the connection between water knowledge and policy during a… View more


Policy Support and Barriers to Resource Management in Water Scarce Regions

This article reports about results of the work conducted in China as part of an EU-funded Coordination Action (mai-tai: Managing… View more

Policy cohesion on water and energy needed in the European Union

Mr. Jakob Granit, Director of Knowledge Services at SIWI, contributed an editorial to Europe's World that was included in the… View more

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Addressing Power Asymmetry: How Transboundary Water Management May Serve to Reduce Poverty

Improved transboundary water management (TWM) can bring benefits for poor people living within shared basins. This report explores how power… View more

Climate Change and Water Resource Policies Among Major Donor Organizations

The policy assessment findings that emerged from this report intends to deliver a strategic summary of the current policy frameworks… View more

After Istanbul: Let’s Lift Water on the Global Agenda

The 2009 World Water Forum in Istanbul gathered a huge number of participants to bring water to the forefront of… View more


Swedish Water House General Information Brochure

Swedish Water House (SWH) is an independent programme at Stockholm International Water Institute. SWH gathers the Swedish resource base on… View more

Water Transfers from Agriculture: China’s Challenge

Water resource exploitation has silently supported the blossoming Chinese economy for decades. Unfortunately, that rapid development has ended with depleted… View more

From Pure Aid to Demanded Support

With 36 years of professional experience in working with international water issues in the context of development cooperation, Mr. Ingvar… View more