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Hai Tide: Tapping Green Water in Northern China

The Hai Basin in China is currently experiencing serious physical water shortages and pollution. Ninety percent of the surface water… View more


Mapping of Integrity and Accountability in Water Activities and Relevant Capacities in the SADC Region

Improved integrity and accountability in water-sector institutions for public and private governance and economic transactions constitutes an important tool for… View more

Taking from the Top: Looking Upstream in India

River basin closure has developed into a sizeable challenge of extreme importance. Over the past 50 years, many of the… View more


Transboundary Water Management as a Regional Public Good

Investment in water resources management in the Nile Basin provides significant benefits for human and economic development. But the public… View more

Meet the Stockholm Water Prize Laureate – Prof. Perry McCarty

On August 16, the world-renowned environmental engineer Professor Perry L. McCarty from Stanford University, California, will receive the 2007 Stockholm… View more


The Supply is in the Sky: Learning to Capture and Manage the Rain

Rain is the global water resource. How well it is captured and managed will go a long way to determine… View more


Linking Poverty Reduction and Water Management

This Policy Brief has analysed the potential role of water management in poverty reduction and to identify actions through which… View more