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Transboundary Water Management as a Regional Public Good

Investment in water resources management in the Nile Basin provides significant benefits for human and economic development. But the public… View more

Meet the Stockholm Water Prize Laureate – Prof. Perry McCarty

On August 16, the world-renowned environmental engineer Professor Perry L. McCarty from Stanford University, California, will receive the 2007 Stockholm… View more

The Supply is in the Sky: Learning to Capture and Manage the Rain

Rain is the global water resource. How well it is captured and managed will go a long way to determine… View more

Rain: The Neglected Resource

The water necessary to produce the food required for an expanding human population is usually discussed only as an issue… View more

Resilience: Going from Conventional to Adaptive Freshwater Management for Human and Ecosystem Compatibility

This Policy Brief highlights the need for water management to incorporate complexity and uncertainty and introduces the concepts of “resilience”… View more

Projects in Aral Sea Basin

This paper of finalised, ongoing and planned projects in the Aral Sea region was conducted by SIWI as a background… View more

No Freshwater Security without Major Shift in Thinking

The major constraints to stable, long-term water resources management is not the lack of knowledge, but rather transfer of that… View more

Water Harvesting

The paper Water Harvesting is based on the workshop Meeting Hydroclimatic Variability in the Tropics and Subtropics: Strategies for Drought… View more

1995 Proceedings: Water Quality Management: Heading for a New Epoch

The 1995 Stockholm Water Symposium put water quality management in a long-term future-oriented perspective, stressing the fact that the world… View more