The Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI, is a leading expert in water governance, resilience, water diplomacy and cooperation over shared resources. We work across the world to help countries, cities, and companies find smarter ways to manage and use water.

Today’s SIWI is a world-leading water institute with an international team of advisors, researchers, and facilitators, active in many different fields of work. We trace our roots back to 1991 and the launch of the Stockholm Water Prize and the Stockholm Water Symposium. Three decades later, the Stockholm Water Prize is the world’s most prestigious water award and the symposium has evolved into World Water Week, the leading international water conference.

SIWI runs a great number of projects and programmes from our offices in Stockholm, Bogotá, and Pretoria. We generate new knowledge and help bridge the gap between research and practice. In an era of rapid global warming and degraded ecosystems, our expertise is more important than ever.

The best way to tackle water crises, and help bring about lasting change, is to strengthen water governance among public and private actors alike. With the competition over freshwater expected to intensify, we must ensure that both people and nature get their fair share. SIWI works actively to improve water management and support cooperation over shared water resources. As an independent, not-for-profit foundation, SIWI can bring together actors from different countries and sectors. We are a trusted and impartial facilitator of dialogues, also in sensitive contexts.

SIWI hosts several flagship programmes, including the UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility, the International Centre for Water Cooperation (ICWC), the Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management (S2S Platform), and the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA). Through the Swedish Water House, we connect Swedish water stakeholders with each other and to international processes.