The Stockholm Water Foundation (SWF) and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) Board is elected annually and has ten board members plus one co-opted member. 

Board Members:

  • Peter Forssman, Chairman
  • Cecilia Brinck, 1:e vice Chairman – President of the City Council (M)
  • Karin Wanngård, 2:e vice Chairman, appointed by the City Council (S)
  • Birgitta Rydell, appointed by the City Council (L)
  • Katarina Luhr, appointed by the City Council (MP)
  • Rodrigo Arce Oliver, appointed by the City Council (V)    
  • Kim Nøhr Skibsted, CEO, Poul Due Jensen Foundation
  • Veronica Jergelind, Vice President Product Management, Xylem
  • Tove Erikslund, Chief Administrative Officer, Ålandsbanken            
  • Pär Larshans, Chief Sustainability Ragn-Sells ABS

Co-opted Member:

  • Jan Peter Bergkvist, Chairman Founders Council, CEO, Sleepwell

  • Ulf Bourke Jacobsson, Lay auditor

  • Claus Homann, Aarhus Vand Ltd.

* (M) =  Moderate Party
* (L) = Liberal Party
* (KD) = Christian Democrats
* (S) =  Social Democrats
* (MP) = Green Party
* (V) = Left Party