SIWI is a world-leading policy institute bridging science, policy and practice for a water wise world.

SIWI performs independent research, generates knowledge and provides expert analysis and advice on water issues to decision-makers and other agents of change. SIWI organizes the World Water Week in Stockholm – the leading annual global meeting place on water and development issues – hosting the Stockholm Water Prize, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and the Stockholm Industry Water Award.

SIWI’s work always take into consideration the cross-cutting themes of democracy and human rights, gender equality, integrity (anti-corruption), poverty reduction and the environment.

You can support SIWI in the following ways:

  • By rewarding outstanding achievements and innovation in preserving and/or reusing water resources through your support of the internationally recognized water prizes – Stockholm Water Prize, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and the Stockholm Industry Water Award
  • By supporting the annual global water conference in Stockholm – World Water Week
  • By supporting project activities relating to SIWI’s priority areas: water governance, transboundary water management, international policy and the cross-cutting issues.
  • By engaging in Swedish Water House activities gathering Swedish actors on water-related matters

SIWI offers three support packages for companies and organizations wishing to engage with water actors and to position themselves as a key player in the water sector.

SIWI’s view on partnership

All partnerships should be based upon the principle of good trust between the parties involved. In a successful partnership, both parties benefit from the agreement. Supporting SIWI can differentiate an organization from its competitors, enhance its image, build brand loyalty, shape consumer attitudes, create positive publicity, heighten visibility, increase the organisation’s know-how in the water sector and help build corporate core values among staff. 

SIWI, as a policy institute largely funded by public and intergovernmental actors, cannot accommodate commercial sponsorships, i.e. endorse products or services of any private sector entity or government body.

SIWI accepts support from companies and corporate foundations:

  • That contribute or support SIWI’s vision of a water wise world
  • That combine social, environmental and economic impacts of their investments
  • That are socially, financially and environmentally responsible
  • That want to include water issues as an integral part of their business plan
  • That comply with the UN and ILO declarations on human rights and working conditions

 SIWI avoids support from companies and corporate foundations:

  • That work with production and sales of hard liquor, tobacco, pornography, or weapons
  • Whose core business is related to extraction/production of fossil fuels and development of hydropower and that do not comply with globally recognized environmental standards
  • That have been found guilty of fraud and corruption, human rights abuse, environmental degradation or tax evasion in the past three years
  • That are black listed on the World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms & Individuals or are suspended from the UN’s vendor list and barred from applying for procurement contracts with the UN
  • That could damage the trust and confidence in SIWI
  • That are political organizations
  • That are discriminating of color, gender or sexual orientation

Criteria and conditions for support

  • The agreement should recognize the autonomy and self-determination of SIWI in the management of its activities and properties, provided that SIWI fulfils the objectives set out in the support agreement. In particular, SIWI’s intellectual and creative freedom and properties must be respected. SIWI is foremost a provider of public goods and will always share information without prejudice.
  • The supporting organization should avoid any abuse of its position which would damage the identity, dignity or reputation of SIWI or its activities.
  • SIWI will not obscure, deform or impugn the image or trademark of the supporting organization or jeopardize the goodwill or public appreciation these have already earned.
  • SIWI will strive to be fully transparent, including in its information to third parties, in relation to its partnership activities. The audience will be clearly informed of the existence of a supporter with respect to a particular event, activity, programme or person.
  • The supporting organization’s message at events or activities arranged by SIWI, or in association with the SIWI name or brand, should not deliberately offend the audience’s religious, political or social convictions or professional ethics.
  • Activities that require several supporters will have individual contracts that clearly set out and inform each party of the respective rights, limits and obligations. SIWI is aware of the importance of keeping an appropriate and fair balance between the supporters.
  • SIWI will, during the negotiation phase, inform new supporters at Collaborator level of supporters that are already a party to the organization and the relevant activity or event (for the three levels of support – contributor, supporter and collaborator – please refer to or
  • Before accepting a new supporter at Collaborator level, SIWI will inform relevant existing supporters in order to avoid conflicting interests.
  • Both parties should take into consideration the potential social or environmental impact of the support when planning, organizing and carrying out the partnership. Any support message – fully or partially based on a positive (or reduced negative) social and environmental impact – should be substantiated in terms of actual benefits to be obtained.
  • SIWI seeks to have a continuous dialogue with support organizations in order to provide the most benefits to both parties and to evaluate and improve the collaboration.
  • Support packages with detailed information about levels of support and benefits will be updated on an annual basis on the SIWI and World Water Week websites – or
  • The supporting organization is responsible for informing SIWI about new or updated logos and other important company information such as mergers, major internal reorganizations and bankruptcy.
  • As part of the support agreement, supporters will be asked to sign a Compliance Declaration certifying his/her company or organization operates according to solid social, financial and environmental standards.