Nominations for Stockholm Water Prize 2022 are open

News Mar 25, 2021

Who would you like to see as the Stockholm Water Prize Laureate 2022? Nominate your water hero between 23 March and 30 September.


On World Water Day, 22 March, freshwater thought leader Sandra Postel was awarded Stockholm Water Prize 2021. She receives the Prize for being a world-leading authority on water scarcity and one of the world’s greatest water communicators. The announcement also marks the opening for nominations for Stockholm Water Prize 2022.

The Prize is awarded to a person or organization who contributes to the conservation and protection of water resources, and to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. All who have made extraordinary water-related achievements are eligible. Over the years, Stockholm Water Prize Laureates have represented a wide range of water-related activities, professions, and scientific disciplines from all over the world.

This diversity reflects the fact that our understanding of water has broadened over the years and the Stockholm Water Prize actively seeks to contribute to this expansion. SIWI strongly encourages the nomination of more women candidates and is committed to ensuring that the Prize awards knowledge from many geographical, professional, and scientific backgrounds.

Professor Deliang Cheng, chairman of the Nominating Committee says: “We invite nominators to help us recognize outstanding achievements related to water. Such achievements come in many forms and so we welcome nominators to keep an open mind about the essence of what prominent water achievements are. It is also worth noting that Stockholm Water Prize is set to reflect the diversity of the water world, both in terms of who gets nominated and for what.”

Anyone can submit a nomination for the Stockholm Water Prize, except for self-nominations and nominations by persons with direct professional or family ties to the candidate. Read more about Stockholm Water Prize and nominate here.