SIWI and SDG Academy to launch unique water course

News Dec 17, 2018

On 14 January, SIWI will release a massive open online course (MOOC) in collaboration with the UN’s SDG Academy. The title of the course is “Water: addressing the global crisis”


The course is a response to the urgent need to create greater awareness of how crucial water is to our very survival. Decision-makers, business leaders and the general public must understand water’s role in climate change, health and economic development.

For this purpose, SIWI and the SDG Academy joined forces. The MOOC was filmed during last World Water Week to take advantage of the leading experts gathered in Stockholm to explain the linkages between water, environment, and societal development, with deep dives into issues like the growing water uncertainty and deteriorating water quality. The free course aims at improving the understanding of how water influences our lives and livelihoods to build the competence needed to navigate the “new normal”.

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