UNESCO International Water Conference highlights value of source-to-sea perspective in earth systems approaches

News May 31, 2019

S2S Platform Chair, Torkil Jønch Clausen, joined a panel on “Global Change and its Effects on Freshwater and Ocean Systems from an Earth System and SDGs Perspective” at the UNESCO International Water Conference: Leveraging the trans-sectoral management of water resources for sustainable water security and peace, that took place May 13-14 in Paris. The panel highlighted how source-to-sea management could contribute to better conditions to sustainably develop oceans, seas and coasts and noted new opportunities to advance scientific understanding of source-to-sea linkages through the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

Opening and closing ceremonies of the UNESCO International Water Conference can be viewed here:
English: http://webcast.unesco.org/live/vod/2019/sc/20191305_sc_room-01/en/
French : http://webcast.unesco.org/live/vod/2019/sc/20191305_sc_room-01/fr/

English: http://webcast.unesco.org/live/vod/2019/sc/20191405_sc_room-01/en/
French: http://webcast.unesco.org/live/vod/2019/sc/20191405_sc_room-01/fr/