Claire Reid, South Africa

Claire Reid from South Africa received the prize for project that developed a so-called “Water Wise Reel Gardening” system to help farmers to be more efficient in their use of water in growing crops.

Her simple and effective seedplanting system where seeds are attached to newspaper strips, cuts down water usage by reducing water leakage into the soil. The paper strips keep seeds moist, so that they can germinate without wasting water.

The SJWP Nominating Committee, in its official motivation, honoured the young South African “for an innovative, practical, easily applicable technique for planting and successfully germinating seeds in water-scarce areas to improve rural and peri-urban livelihoods.”

I was filled with confidence in Claire, and her project is very impressive. This is a big step forward for the implementation of water conservation in order to ensure efficient and sustainable water supply in South Africa.
Mr. Ronnie Kasrils,South African Minister for Water Affairs