Magnus Isacson, Johan Nilvebrant and Rasmus Öman, Sweden

Magnus Isacson, Johan Nilvebrant and Rasmus Öman from Bromma High School won the prize for their project “Removal of Metal Ions from Leachate,” which according to the international jury was “an innovative and relevant research project” that examined the problem of leachate runoff from landfills.

Magnus, Johan and Rasmus have conducted research that shows with clarity that young people play an important roll when it concerns today’s water environment problems.
Mr. Björn von Euler, director for corporate communications, ITT Industries,

Johan, Magnus and Rasmus made ionexchangers out of natural and renewable materials like wood, bark and ligin, which can capture metal ions and which are readily available by-products from Sweden’s forest and pulp and paper industry. They showed conclusively that these natural materials can be used as natural ionexchangers because they effectively captured metal ions in solution. Additionally, because they are by-products, their value as solid fuels would not be lost, since they could be dried and burned after their use as ion-exchangers.

The young Swedes have proposed further studies to establish whether such methods could be used in practice, particularly in comparison to currently available methods of leachate purification.