Frequently Asked Questions about the Stockholm Water Prize

Who can nominate for the SWP?

Nominations are welcome from everyone! However, self-nominations or nominations by persons with direct professional or family ties to the candidate are not allowed.

Who can be nominated for the Stockholm Water Prize?

Any woman, man or organization that have made outstanding contributions to the conservation and protection of the world’s water resources and to the improved health of the planet’s inhabitants and ecosystems, may be nominated. The achievements can be within the fields of science, technology, education, public policy, or practise related to sustainable use and protection of the world’s water resources. The work of the candidate should have a proven impact and/or great potential. Over the years, the Stockholm Water Prize Laureates have represented regions from all over the world and a broad range of water-related activities, professions and scientific disciplines.

Which category is most appropriate for my candidate?

To ensure that the scope of the Stockholm Water Prize is maintained and for the Nominating Committee to make fair reviews and comparisons between candidates, two broad categories are used. They are “Policy and Practices” and “Research”.

Policy and Practices

This category covers achievements that have improved the governance and management of water, as a natural and economic resource and/or as a human right and basic service. The category includes:

  • human rights, conflict resolution, influence on policies, and international cooperation with application in the water sector
  • sustainable and safe management of water resources
  • provision of water supply and sanitation services
  • development and application of appropriate technologies
  • development and improvement of economical, legislative, institutional or administrative principles for efficient, equitable and sustainable water management and service provision


This category includes basic and applied research to develop new knowledge of and scientific leadership in:

  • natural, physical and/or technological processes
  • the functioning of complex systems
  • development or improvement of economical, legislative, institutional or administrative principles for efficient, equitable and sustainable water management and service provision.

Candidates may qualify for the prize based on contributions to more than one category.

For both categories, achievements in outreach and awareness-raising are considered merits. This includes education and training of students, water professionals or communities as well as dissemination of information to and awareness-raising of decision-makers and the general public.

When can I nominate?

The nomination period for a short nomination is usually from mid of April until mid-September. The actual dates are announced here and in SIWI’s mail-outs. 

Can I nominate myself or my organization?

No, self-nominations are not allowed. Please note that nominations made by persons closely related to the nominee are not accepted either.

How does the nomination process lead to a Laureate?

The nomination process involves the following steps:

  1. A short nomination is submitted to SIWI.
  2. The Nominating Committee, consisting of world-leading experts from different academic fields, professions and geographical backgrounds, creates a shortlist of candidates.
  3. Nominators of shortlisted candidates are invited to submit a full nomination using an online form. At least two reference letters and a detailed description of the candidate’s achievements are required.
  4. The full nominations are thoroughly reviewed by the Nominating Committee. A list of the top three candidates, in ranked order, is presented to The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for further review and recommendations.
  5. The Board of the Stockholm International Water Institute makes the final decision.
  6. The SWP Laureate of the year is normally announced on World Water Day, March 22.

What does the short nomination involve?

Short nominations should be submitted in English using the online form.

For the short nomination we require the candidate’s name and affiliation, the nominators contact details and a short description of the candidate’s achievements.

What does the detailed nomination involve?

Excellent candidates identified among the short nominations are shortlisted. The nominators of these candidates are invited to submit detailed nominations. The minimum requirements are a detailed description of the candidate’s achievements and two reference letters. The nominator should also state her/his relation to the candidate. The template that will be made available to nominators of shortlisted candidates includes information on additional supporting material that may be submitted.

Do I get a receipt of my submission?

Yes, when you have submitted a nomination via the online nomination form you will see a note telling you that your submission has been received. You will have to print this page if you wish to have a receipt of your submission. Nominators of candidates that did not reach the shortlist are informed about this in November.

Can I nominate the same candidate again?

Yes, re-nomination is welcome as the candidate may have achieved even more since last she was nominated and the achievements may have become more important.

Can I nominate in another language than English?

No, all nominations must be submitted in English.

Can I change or update my nomination?

Unfortunately not, but you may submit a new nomination for the same candidate. Only your last nomination for this candidate will be assessed.

Is my nomination confidential?

All submitted material, including all names, is kept strictly within the Stockholm Water Prize Secretariat and the Nominating Committee.

How can I find more information about earlier Laureates and the Prize Ceremony?

Information on earlier Laureates can be found at the Laureates-page. Information about the Stockholm Water Prize Ceremony is available on SIWI’s website and at

Fantastic idea, can I sponsor the Stockholm Water Prize?

You can read more about our sponsorship opportunities in our Sponsors Pack, at the sponsorship-page here on the SIWI web, or contact Ms. Katarina Andrzejewska if you wish to find out more and discuss your possibilities.