The Stockholm Industry Water Award winners represent a wide spectrum of industries, united in their pursuit to push water and sustainability issues forward in the business world. 



Understanding of water risks and opportunities has increased tremendously among business since 2000, when the Stockholm Industry Water Award (SIWA) was handed out for the first time.

Exciting new water-smart approaches, collaborations and technologies are appearing in almost all sectors, as well as new forms of cross-sector partnerships. SIWI hopes that SIWA has contributed to this inspiring development.

In this changing landscape, SIWI has decided to take time to review the scope, format and direction of the Award so that it can continue to stimulate and inspire advances towards a water wise world and lay the ground for increased business sustainability. SIWA will be paused while this work is underway.

 In addition, while the majority of this year’s candidates have achieved impressive results, none have demonstrated the level of innovation and proven excellence required to receive the Award. The SIWA Committee has therefore decided not to name a SIWA winner in 2016 and 2017.

SIWI is very appreciative of the support, enthusiasm and dedication of this year’s nominees and will continue to do its utmost to support the business community’s journey towards a water wise world.

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