ZENON Environmental Inc

ZENON’s ZeeWeed® membrane technology has been applied to the treatment of water at all stages of the water cycle.

The unique membrane successfully removes pathogenic micro-organisms which are not eliminated by conventional water treatment methods and is therefore regarded as a valuable contribution towards safeguarding potable water supplies.

The ZeeWeed® membrane technology, which resembles a bundle of seaweeds sweeping in the treatment tank, can be efficiently used in industrial as well as municipal plants and leads to significantly higher treated water quality than traditional methods. The process technology has low space requirement. It can be efficiently combined with other biological and chemical processes, for existing and new plants alike.

A unique membrane component
The core of the process is the ZeeWeed® hollow fibre, which consists of an internal strong support to provide strength and flexibility and an outer polymeric membrane with pores in the ultrafiltration range. Bundled together, these fibres float in a tank while a low vacuum pressure effectively pulls purified water through the membrane and within the hollow fibres out of the tank.

The concept, devised about a decade ago,led the company to devote all of its activities to this rapidly developing new technology. Today more than three hundred applications in several continents have proven the benefits of the innovation.