Business Leaders Breakfast Report 2019

Report Published: March 2020

As water increasingly becomes a recognized operational risk for some segments of the corporate sector, a growing number of companies are looking at how to improve water resilience as part of their efforts to reduce their overall exposure to climate change risk. In light of this, Business Leaders’ Breakfast, held during World Water Week 2019 brought together high-level decision-makers from the public and private sectors and civil society to share priorities, experiences and best practice.

Aligning with the theme of World Water Week – “Water for Society: Including all” – the informal and interactive event sought to support environmentally and financially sound broad-based cooperation in water. It enabled participants to explore practical examples of how private sector actors are stepping up efforts to build, scale, and finance, climate-resilient business models that contribute to inclusive and sustainable development for all.

This report provides an overview of the main themes discussed during the event. These include building resilience into operations and water use; opportunities for generating income through water-resilient business practices; and financing more robust, forward-thinking and adaptive approaches to resilience building.