Implementing the Paris Agreement through Water Solutions

Policy Brief Published: December 2019


Resilient water management is crucial to achieving the objectives of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. In this policy brief you will find recommendations for countries and organizations on how to use water solutions for ambitious and transformative climate action.

While there is no shortage in mentions of water in many of the Nationally Determined Contributions from the Parties to the Paris Agreement, countries have not yet fully realized the potential that a holistic, integrated, and cross-sectoral approach to water management can offer in accelerating action on climate change mitigation and adaptation. In this policy brief we explore water-related solutions and the interlinkages between water and climate.

This publication is a contribution to the discussions and activities at the Conference of the Parties 25 (COP25), 2–13 December 2019, Madrid, Spain. It is an update of a previous publication prepared by AGWA and SIWI in 2018.