Piloting the source-to-lake approach in Lake Hawassa

Film Published: June 2020

In October 2019, SIWI travelled to Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia, as part of the Foundations for Source-to-Sea Management project. Here, SIWI has been piloting the 'source-to-lake approach' an adaptation of the source-to-sea approach to management as described in Implementing the Source-to-Sea Approach: A Guide for Practitioners. The approach is being applied to address sources of plastic pollution and unsustainable sediment flows in the basin.

The mission to Hawassa included a three day workshop with local stakeholders ranging from marine biologists studying the lake and individuals already working with the issues of sediment flow and plastic pollution into the lake, to basin authority employees and Hawassa locals concerned with the deterioration of the lake. Lake Hawassa was chosen for the pilot because it is small and does not have an outlet, meaning that it is impacted by what happens on land in much the same way as a sea or an ocean would be.

Watch to hear more about the pilot, the lake and how this approach could restore the health of this lake and many, many more.