Source-to-sea management is key to climate security

Policy Brief Published: December 2019

In this policy brief you will learn about how source-to-sea management is an important approach for both climate mitigation and adaptation. It draws on a new study which indicates that many countries see a need for such enhanced coordination in their climate actions.

Source-to-sea management involves system-wide thinking and acknowledges the interdependencies of flows and services throughout river basins, deltas, coasts and marine areas. By addressing these linkages, it is possible to achieve much-needed coordination across institutions, sectors and public uses.

This policy brief has been authored by Kathryn Pharr, AGWA, Ingrid Timboe, AGWA, Alex Mauroner, AGWA, Nureen Faiza Anisha, AGWA, Josh Weinberg, SIWI, Ruth Mathews, SIWI, and Birgitta Liss Lymer, SIWI. It was produced based upon the findings of a study performed by Alliance for Global Water Adaptation and Stockholm International Water Institute for the Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management with support from the Swedish Ministry of Environment.