Stockholm Water Front no 1, 2019

WaterFront Magazine Published: June 2019


What will future generations say? All over the world – in parliaments, courts, and streets – people are beginning to discuss intergenerational justice and the responsibility we have towards those who will come after us.

In this issue of WaterFront, Professor Malin Falkenmark alerts us all that the past lack of understanding of water’s role for life on Earth is putting future generations at risk. Don’t miss her compelling call for an updated view on the functions performed by water, on page 16.

For a look at the trend of increased youth activism and what this means for water, turn to page 4. On the following pages you will also meet young people from different parts of the world with innovative ideas to purify water, support social innovation, turn air to water and to hold decision-makers accountable for climate policy.

We also feature an interview with Jackie King, Stockholm Water Prize Laureate 2019, who talks about why we must protect and restore rivers for future generations, on page 12.

In Last Word, on page 18, Asma Bachikh from World Youth Parliament for Water shares her thoughts on how young people can make a difference. She advocates for more mentoring and sharing of knowledge between generations. This is a topic particularly close to my heart – we must listen to each other and also reflect on what our grandchildren’s children may one day say.

Enjoy the read!