Towards a Multi-Stakeholder Platform in the Mekong Basin

Partner Publication Published: June 2017

The UNDP Shared Waters Partnership (SWP), hosted by SIWI, undertook a broad survey and analysis of relevant non-state actors to identify opportunities and entry points to improve engagement between state and non-state stakeholders in the Mekong River Basin. The results indicate an overwhelming interest to form a new Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) that complements existing institutions and networks to directly enhance regional intergovernmental processes, stakeholder engagement and regional cooperation.

This publication is available in English, Vietnamese, Khmer, Lao, Burmese, Thai and Mandarin Chinese


The results of the survey and the discussion with stakeholders in the meeting in Bangkok in November 2016 indicate that a Mekong Basin MSP could take on the below priorities and structure:


– Improve dialogue, networking and cooperation
– Coordinate activities and intervention
– Capacity building
– Provide regional dimension to national level consultation
– Represent views from all countries in a shared vision
– Promote shared benefits across the basin
– Influence donor strategies
– Facilitate learning and information sharing
– Influence official platforms (MRC and LMC)
– Knowledge dissemination to bridge policy and science
– Establish neutral platform
– Reconcile conservation and development agendas


– A small Secretariat, hosted by an existing legal entity
– Broad outreach functions
– Independent, neutral, impartial
– Strong legitimacy and good relations with stakeholders, both non-state actors and official governments

Potential hosts

– University or consortium of universities
– SIWI, IUCN, WWF, CGIAR/WLE, SUMERNET/SEI, Save the Mekong, VRN, Save the Salween