Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) COVID-19 Response from Governments, Regulators and Utilities

Report Published: May 2020


This technical document presents an overview of initiatives that countries and WASH stakeholders are implementing in the COVID-19 response to assure WASH services for all; in particular in securing and sustaining access to WASH services to vulnerable households as well as in schools and in health care facilities. Ensuring good hygiene and appropriate WASH practices for everyone, everywhere, will help prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus, but will also reduce the prevalence of other infectious diseases and mitigate collateral damage, beyond public health.

Initiatives are divided into those that are aimed at securing water, sanitation and hygiene for all, and those that seek to provide technical and financial support to utilities. In addition, a significant number of illustrative examples are outlined to showcase promising practices and exchange experiences. It is intended for water and sanitation decision-makers and practitioners who want to contribute to COVID-19 prevention and response.