World Water Week 2019: Call for Engagement

World Water Week Published: November 2018

The preparations for World Water Week 2019 is starting now with the Call for Engagement! The Call gives you various perspectives on the Week’s theme: Water and society – including all. It also offers an overview of how you can get engaged, the seminar topics, the various submission dates for proposals, information about our new venue, Tele2 Arena, and much more. 

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World Water Week is the leading event for water topics. It connects water professionals, actors of different ages, genders, cultures and professions, in a larger movement towards a water wise world. 

World Water Week 2019 will explore an inclusive approach: How do we maintain and improve rural ecosystems and livelihoods? How do we create jobs for the young generation? How do we make sure that the poor get better access to safe water and sanitation? How can circular economy approaches help towards inclusiveness?  

Furthermore, the theme of the Week is not only focused on issues pertaining to water, but also how to collectively achieve the overall 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. With this call for engagement we invite you to be part of the World Water Week movement. In these pages you can read about how you can contribute through sessions, partnerships and more in 2019. We look forward to your engagement and welcoming you to our new venue in Stockholm!