Anna works for the Africa Regional Centre and is based in Ethiopia responsible for coordinating the Ethiopia Water and Landscape Governance Programme "Strengthening governance arrangements at basin level". She also supports the textile component within the EWLG programme.
Anna has specialized in environmental management tools and implementation of sustainability strategies.
Over the last six years, Anna have been working in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia on climate smart and high impact green growth projects. Anna has since 2015 worked to establish SMHIs professional presence in Ethiopia. Part of this jobs has been to market the International Training Programs to climate and hydrology relevant agencies and governmental institutions. Additionally, Anna has marketed the Water and Climate Change Services for Africa program to Sida which she now works on part time of her SIWI commitments.
Anna has previously worked for the World Bank and recently authored chapters in a World Bank Group Knowledge Product, Country Environmental Analysis – Ethiopia. The CEA is a standard document produced for most countries where the World Bank Group operates in and assesses the state of the environment, the country trajectory and pathways to a sustainable and green economy.
Anna has been active in Ethiopia since 2013 with a variety of stakeholders on clean cooking programmes, policy research, developing regional coordination programmes, women business development programmes, SME development, start-up manager, permaculture eco hubs, sustainable forestry and sustainable land management and off-grid energy programmes.

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