Mr. Antoine Delepiere is WASH specialist and Senior Programme Manager at UNDP-Water Governance Facility providing technical assistance in the areas of water governance performances and system strengthening including the partnership with UNICEF Accountability for Sustainability Program. Prior to joining SIWI, Antoine worked for UNDP, French Foreign Affairs Ministry, Swiss Humanitarian Aid, the private sector, for NGOs, and Academia. Antoine has over 20 years of experience with water and sanitation development work and resilience. With a focus on the water and sanitation infrastructures, service delivery and operation and maintenance management. Antoine’s work was also on the cross-cutting issues of environmental and social impact, disaster risk reduction and human rights. He has advocated for the importance of human rights-based approach in humanitarian aid response. His most recent work focuses on accountability and sustainability aspects in relation to water and sanitation service delivery. He has authored or co-authored some publications on sustainability and accountability.

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