Dr Cryton Zazu joined the SIWI ARC team as the Programme Manager for the Ethiopia Water and Landscape Governance programme.

Cryton has more than 17 years professional experience of working in the broader context of environment and sustainable development in the SADC and East African regions. He holds a doctorate in Environment and Sustainability Education from Rhodes University, South Africa. Prior to joining SIWI Cryton was a Project leader in the USAID RESILIM O transboundary water management programme. Prior to that he was Deputy team leader and Communication Specialist for the SADC IWRM Community Pilot Projects. Cryton’s research interests revolve around the integration of local knowledge systems into policy and practice as a strategy for improving the quality and relevance of contemporary natural resources management programmes. He is an emerging critical social theorist with a passion for a sustainable and just society.

Publications by Cryton Zazu, PhD