Dr Mats Eriksson is a senior manager and expert working at SIWI in the field of transboundary water resources management and sustainable development, often applying a focus on climate change, water hazards, disaster risk reduction and resilience.

His more than 25 years’ experience is gained through working hands on in a regional or transboundary dimension with environmental and socio-economic development perspectives.

Dr Eriksson joined SIWI in 2010 and has previously worked as a researcher and lecturer at Stockholm University; as a research fellow at CSIRO Land and Water, Australia; as a donor representative at Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) financing transboundary water management dialogues and processes in Southern Africa; and as an implementer of regional and transboundary projects on water and hazards in the Asian highlands and downstream basins, based at the intergovernmental organisation ICIMOD, Nepal.

Mats obtained his Ph.D. in Geography in 1998, specializing in studies of human and climate impact on land and water, soil erosion and on landscape evolution in East Africa. He has published more than thirty scientific papers and edited numerous reports in the field.

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