Ms. Alice Nassar Jaraiseh is a member of the Water Resources team at SIWI and supports the implementation of the portfolio activities through applied research, advisory services and capacity building.

Ms. Nassar Jaraiseh is mainly involved in providing support to the UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility (WGF) in developing the water governance knowledge base and has supported WGF in implementing the capacity building portfolio on water integrity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). She has in previous years supported the implementation of the Namibia Water Sector Cooperation Programme for building capacity of the Namibian water sector, as well as the International Training Programmes on Integrated Water Resources Management and Transboundary Water Management.

Ms. Nassar Jaraiseh is a hydrogeologist by training and has extensive experience in project management as well as capacity building. For five years, prior to joining SIWI, she worked in Palestine, with applied research and capacity building, more specifically developing research reports and background papers, providing policy support and advice to the Palestinian water sector. She was responsible for managing the Good Water Neighbours project in Palestine, as part of a regional programme aiming at promoting good water governance using a bottom-up approach, and at the same time lobbying for sustainable water resources management using a top-down approach. Her work entailed coordination with a wide range of actors, including government institutions, international donors, UN agencies and other NGOs. Ms. Nassar Jaraiseh is fluent in Swedish, English, and Arabic and has a profound regional experience in the Middle East.

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