Ruth Mathews is a Senior Manager at the Water Resources Department and Coordinator of the Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management.

She brings more than two decades of experience in working with the public and private sectors to achieve sustainable water resource use and management. Her deep knowledge of the impacts of human activities on riverine and coastal marine ecosystems will support SIWI’s expertise in the area of environmental and water resource management.

Prior to working at SIWI, which she joined in 2018, Ms Mathews led a multi-cultural team of experts in the practical application of Water Footprint Assessment as the Executive Director of Water Footprint Network. As Program Manager for Worldwide Fund for Nature, she managed a large team implementing a wide range of conservation projects throughout Viet Nam and contributed to building an evidence base for evaluating the proposed dams in the Mekong River Basin. At The Nature Conservancy, Ms Mathews developed a framework for ecologically sustainable water management and applied it in transboundary river basin water allocation negotiations and a US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relicensing of a privately owned hydropower dam as well as building regional teams and projects to improve the environmental health of riverine and coastal marine ecosystems from source to sea.

Ms Mathews obtained her Masters of Science degree in Water Resource Management and Planning in 1996, with a focus on interdisciplinary and participatory approaches to resolving environmental dilemmas and has authored scientific articles and reports on sustainable, efficient and equitable water use.

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